5th and 6th Class

Ideas for home school learning


Encourage your child to read for up to 15-20 minutes each day. Each child has their own class book to read independently. If they are finished that book, try and encourage them to read something that interests them (It`s always easier to read something that you enjoy).

The following website has a selection of free e-books that you can download to an Ipad or phone for a child to read. www.Openlibrary.org

The google bookstore is also an excellent website for e-books and it also has a selection of free books on the website.


· Continue to complete the weekly Spellwell activities. Write a sentence for each word in the columns along the side. Look up the definition of words they are unsure of and write the word and definition into their copybooks.

· Give your child some time to do some free-writing. Allow them to write whatever they like on a topic of their choice for example, diary entry, poems, recount of an event, match report, procedure writing and so on.

· The following website has free printable sheet for handwriting practice: www.handwritingpractice.net/handwriting/worksheets/index.php

Other Ideas:

· Start your own diary. Encourage children to write a daily diary entry or blog about what is going on in the world today.

· Write a narrative story about how you are going to save the world from the current situation.

· Write a letter to your Grandparent, family member or friend about what it`s like to be in self-isolation and about what you have being doing since the school closed.


· Continue to complete the daily sections in the Master your Maths books. To ensure children have a good understanding of the problems, you complete some of the sums again but use different or larger numbers.

· The children really enjoy playing countdown in class. The following link will bring you the maths sections of the countdown game. You could also use this for literacy by clicking on the word game. Countdown number game – http://happysoft.org.uk/countdown/numgame.php
www.Topmarks.co.uk – is useful for online maths games. Hit the button is a class favourite.
https://ie.mathgames.com/ – You can scroll through different topics and class work you would like to complete.
www.twinkl.ie – This is an excellent website for maths worksheets and resources. It covers all the topics we do in school throughout the year. · https://www.worksheetfun.com/math/ – This website has free maths printable worksheets you can complete.

Extra ideas:

Create a time capsule ( Little Miss Teacher)

· Write a letter to your future selves. Tell them about yourself – what you like to eat / like to

drink /what your hobbies are / what class you are in / what age you are / what you want to be when you grow up.

· Include some food wrappers / labels of things you like.

· Draw a picture of your family or include a photograph.

· Trace around your hand so your future self can compare hand sizes with you.

· Include a newspaper or the main headlines from the RTE / Virgin Media / TG4 news today.


Fifth and Sixth class took part in the Solas Business initiative in which all children worked in small groups to come up with their own business idea. Employees from

the company Informatica came into the classroom to provide mentoring for each group and to help with their business idea. The children then visited Informatica and they presented their projects to three judges.  All children should be really proud of their hard work and effort.
A class of young entrepreneurs in the making.