4th Class

February 2023 – Trips to the Park and Italy Group Projects

4th Class – Group Projects about the Humpback Whale

4th Class – Making their own 3D Shapes

4th Class October 2022 – Maths Games, P.E. and Autumn Wreaths 

4th Class September 2022 – Autumn Walk

3rd Class April 2022 – Meeting the Chicks

3rd Class March 2022 – Trip to the Art Gallery

3rd Class February 2022 – Making Rice Krispie Buns

3rd Class December 2022 – Maths Games

3rd Class December 2021 – Winter Art

3rd Class November 2021 – Science Week, RHA Art Workshop and Projects

3rd Class October 2021 – Painting Pumpkins

3rd Class September 2021 – Self Portraits

Busy Bees

This class have been using number lines and dice to help them with their Maths. They have been learning about Autumn and got to make their own Frogs and Hedgehogs during Art. They also celebrated a birthday and went outside in the sunshine to enjoy some cake!