Senior Infants

Ideas for Home Schooling during School Closure

Spell Well and Master Your Maths: Continue as normal.

Tricky Words: Continue to practise reading, writing and putting these into oral sentences. Play memory games using your tricky word bag. Stick them up around your home and use them as ‘passwords’. This is what the children do in school whenever they leave the classroom.

Phonics: Go to the ‘Sounds like Phonics’ website ( and revise sounds with your child. You can access the Junior Infants sounds which can be revised. You can also access the Senior Infant sounds.

Maths: count objects in your home, practise counting forwards and backwards, make patterns, add and subtract objects in your home. Look up free interactive Maths games on the internet. There are also many Maths games on Planet Maths by accessing Access codes for this website are available on the Home Support Page of the School Website.

Reading: Read books with your child. Go to Storyline Online to listen and look at books. Have discussions about the book. e.g. did you like it? What was your favourite part? Who was your favourite character? What was the problem? What was the solution? Look for letter sounds within a story and ask children how many times they can find the ‘th’ diagraph or the ‘ing’ ending.

Oral Language: Most days in school, we do our Calendar Activity. We discuss the date, month and year. We sing the ‘days of the week song’ which all your children should know. We identify what day it was yesterday, what day it is today and what day tomorrow will be, with actions. Ask your child to look out the window and describe the weather. Talk about the season and temperature. Lastly, ask them how they are feeling and why. The children could listen to how the rest of the family are feeling to practice listening skills.

Aistear: The theme we were looking at before school closure was ‘The Garden Centre’. The next theme we were moving on to was ‘Spring’. Talk about Spring and the characteristics of Spring. Use some of the Aistear pictures provided below to stimulate conversation. For example, ‘what were you doing here? why were you doing that? what equipment were you using? what flowers did you buy in the flower shop?

Gaeilge: Encourage the children to use the language and phrases which they were already using at school.

(Please go to the Home Support section for useful links and websites to help support you during this time.)

The Garden Centre

Senior Infants have been learning about the Garden Centre recently. Have a look at some of their work during Aistear. They are very proud of what they make.