1st Class

1st Class October 2022 – Rangoli with Coloured Rice

1st Class September 2022 – Autumn Walk with Senior Infants

Senior Infants April 2022 – Clothes Shop Aistear

Senior Infants March 2022 – March Celebrations

Senior Infants February 2022 – ‘The Dentist’ Aistear

Senior Infants January 2022 – ‘The Restaurant’ Aistear and Baking Cookies

Senior Infants December 2021 – Hot Chocolate Reward, Christmas Aistear and Christmas Lights Walk








Senior Infants November 2021 – Science Taste Test

Senior Infants October 2021 РAutumn and Halloween Aistear Stations 

Senior Infants September 2021 – Letter Formation Stations

Junior Infant Fun (2020)

These children have been doing some really fun activities this week! They have been building houses, practising their cutting, playing with play doh and learning about facial expressions. They even got to cut some spaghetti!