Junior Infants

Ideas for Home Schooling during School Closure Times.

If possible, please read a storybook every day with your child. If you do not have storybooks please listen to stories on Storyline Online or on Youtube. Also try to allow your child the opportunity to do some Free Writing everyday. This is where the children chose what to write- this could be letters, words, sentences or just pictures.

New Letters –
Week 23rd March – Letter B

Ideas for Letter B (this can be adapted for all letters)

  • say the letter and the sound
  • go on a letter b hunt around your house- what can you find in your house beginning with the b sound
  • trace the letter b in salt/flour/rice/sugar (whatever you have available)
  •  Go onto https://slp.cjfallon.ie/ and select book A, Unit 3, Letter B, do the activities
  • Sing the Jolly Phonics song for B (on YouTube)
  • Can you find any words with the B sound in the storybook you are reading/ listening to?
  • Can you see the letter B around your house?
  • A letter B collage – cut our pictures of B things and letter Bs from newspapers/ Aldi brochures/ pamphlets/ cereal boxes/ wrappers
  • Can you make the letter B with things in your house?

Ready Set Go Maths

https://pdst.ie/node/7578 – follow this link, select Ready Set Go Number Games – there will be downloadable maths games to play at home and instructions to go with them. If you select Ready, Set, Go Counting Activities, it will give you ideas of different ways to count with your child. Further down on that page there are videos of sorting activities that could be somewhat recreated in your own way at home.

Other websites for maths games suitable for Junior Infants





Please go to the Home Support section for useful links and websites to help support you during this time.