For Parents

Dear Parents,

I hope that you and your families are all healthy, happy and well-rested after what has been a very unusual summer. Still, if we can claim to possess our health and relative happiness, I’m sure that we can get over the anti-climax of a dreary summer.

It’s time that we alerted you to the Return to School protocols for later, this month. 

********Firstly, I need to be very clear on one thing, especially. This is for the continued wellbeing of every member of our school community. If any member of your family, or close contacts, has been ill with Covid-19 or has had any symptoms that may indicate Coronavirus infection, we ask that you refrain from coming to the school and observe a quarantining period, as directed by medical professionals. Of course, we would ask that you contact us to discuss this eventuality and to arrange continued education for your child(ren) throughout this enforced absence. I don’t mean to be blunt or rude; it is our intention to maintain the safety and health of every child, parent, grandparent, friend and teacher. We can only manage this with honesty, clarity and openness. Thank you for this.********

To clarify some recent queries, based on doubt sown by the media, the children will return to school in full uniform, as always. We would ask that families might donate outgrown uniforms to the school to allow for additional items to be distributed, in case of uniforms requiring additional washing regimes. As usual, uniforms (jumpers and ties) are available from John Laurence, on Thomas Street. 

We will be providing all textbooks and copies to the children, throughout the year. We ask that each child contribute €95.00 to ensure that we have the resources necessary. This is to be given to the individual children’s teachers so as to promote accountability. Each child will need a fully stocked pencil case in line with their own requirements. 

In line with government regulations on Social Distancing, we are having to slightly adjust the running of the school day. Hopefully, this won’t impact negatively on anyone and, of course, we are open to changing things if they are discovered to be ineffectual. These new times are to allow for the safe entry and exit to/from the school, in that we have narrow doors and corridors. The integrity of the school day will be maintained by observing these changes. The first three days (August 26th – 28th) are half days for all students; this is to allow staff meetings and a gradual return to normal school hours. As always, we won’t be providing lunches for the children during these first few days so please include a light lunch/snack with their bags. Please see the adjusted timetables below; first is the general timetable and second is the timetable specific to the first 3 days of school.

School Starting

Breakfast Club (run in Pod): Open from 08:15 to 08:45.  (Access from metal doors in laneway behind Carmelite Community Centre / Car Park)

6th Class:                              School begins at 08:50                  Entry at Main School Door

5th Class:                              School begins at 08:50                  Entry at Side Door (Whitefriar Gardens)

4th Class:                              School begins at 09:00                  Entry at Side Door (Whitefriar Gardens)

3rd Class:                              School begins at 09:00                  Entry at Main School Door

2nd Class:                             School begins at 08:55                  Entry at School Back Door (through yard). Access from metal doors in laneway behind Carmelite Community Centre

1st Class:                              School begins at 09:05                  Entry at School Back Door (through yard). Access from metal doors in laneway behind Carmelite Community Centre

Senior Infants:                       School begins at 09:10                  Entry at Side Door (Whitefriar Gardens)

Junior Infants:                        School begins at 09:10                  Entry at Main School Door

If there are multiple children in one family with different starting times, we ask that all children go to their classrooms to correlate with the earliest class starting time. All classrooms will be supervised by class teachers from 08:50, each day. We don’t expect parents or children to hang around unnecessarily, regardless of weather or conditions. Any inquiries can be directed at Miss Marren, Mr. Boland or Miss Phelan who will be managing the doors, in the mornings and afternoons. If an appointment is required with a teacher, this can be arranged in the mornings or by calling Marie, in the office. However, we will be looking to restrict the amount of parents within the school building.

School Finishing

6th Class:                            School Ends at 14:30                     Exit from Main School Door

5th Class:                            School Ends at 14:30                      Exit from Side Door (Whitefriar Gardens)

4th Class:                            School Ends at 14:40                      Exit from Side Door (Whitefriar Gardens)

3rd Class:                            School Ends at 14:40                      Exit from Main School Door

2nd Class:                           School Ends at 14:35                      Exit from School Back Door (through yard)

1st Class:                            School Ends at 14:45                      Exit from School Back Door (through yard)

Senior Infants:                     School Ends at 13:50                     Exit from Side Door (Whitefriar Gardens)

Junior Infants:                      School Ends at 13:50                     Exit from Main School Door. (*This is after initial settling-in period in Early September)

Regarding After Schools services, we will receive greater clarity on arrangements in consultation with the providers. However, they have been contacted in relation to the changes to timetable and have assured that they will alter their collection times, when necessary.

Timetable for Initial 3 days – August 26th – 28th 2020

School Entering

6th Class          08:50                 Main Door

5th Class          08:50                 Side Door

2nd Class         08:50                 Back Door*

4th Class          09:00                 Side Door

3rd Class          09:00                 Main Door

1st Class          09:00                  Back Door

Senior Infants   09:10                  Side Door

Junior Infants    09:30/09.15        Main Door

School Exiting

Junior Infants    11:00                  Main Door

6th Class          12:20                  Main Door

5th Class          12:20                  Side Door

2nd Class         12:20                  Back Door*

4th Class          12:30                  Side Door

3rd Class          12:30                  Main Door

1st Class          12:30                  Back Door

Senior Infants   12:40                  Side Door

* You will notice that 2nd Class have a slightly earlier start and finish. This is to facilitate available doors. Once again, siblings of 2nd Class children may go to their classrooms at earlier starting time.

Kind Regards and looking forward to seeing you all, soon,

Mary & Killian