Quick Reminder

School re-opens at 9am on Wednesday 27th August for Senior Infants up to 6th Class.

9.15am for new Junior Infants. (School finishes at 11am for Junior Infants on that day.)


Green Flag Committee

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The Green Flag Committee went to visit Glanmore Foods in Blanchardstown to ask if we could cut down on the amount of packaging that comes with our school lunches. We found one excellent solution. From September, each child will have a reusable water bottle that can be filled as necessary. This will cut down on 145 green plastic water bottles being thrown in the bin by us each day.  Or a huge 26, 535 green bottles per school year – just from our school. That is a great help to save the environment!!


Competition Winners

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Green Flag Curriculum Fortnight.

Poster Competition – 1st Place = Aimee C (5th Class)     2nd Place = Keegan (3rd Class)

Slogan Competition – 1st Place = Giulia V (3rd Class)     2nd Place = Desmond (2nd Class)

Recycled Outfit Competition – 1st Place = Julia (junior Infants)     2nd Place = David (4th Class)     3rd Place = Peter (1st Class)     4th Place = Piotr (Junior Infants)

Another 43 runner up prizes were also given out!!