Success Rates for Reading Recovery in Ireland

Every year, data is collected from each Reading Recovery school and centre, using before and after test results.

The overall success rate for Republic of Ireland stands at 95%.[2010/11]. Even children who do not manage to accelerate sufficiently to be acknowledged as ‘Successful’ have often soared far above their natural learning ability and continue to progress at a slower pace with the knowledge that they have become readers and writers

Ref: Monaghan Education Centre:

Reading Recovery

St Enda’s is delighted to be able to offer the Reading Recovery Program to our students.

Reading Recovery was developed in the 1970s by New Zealand educator Prof. Dame Marie Clay. It is a short term literacy intervention for primary school children who are struggling with reading and writing after their first year of school. The intervention involves intensive one-to-one lessons for 30 minutes a day with a specially trained Reading Recovery teacher, for an average of 20 weeks (about two terms). The programme is different for every child, assessing what the child knows and what he/she needs to learn next.

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