Winter Craft Fair

Our first Winter Craft Fair is tomorrow – 19th November – from 10am until 1pm. We have readjusted some of our prices and you will be given a list at the front door as you enter. Here are some photos to show you what you can buy!!!

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Santa’s Grotto – 1st floor. Mrs Smith’s Room

Children’s own craft – 1st Floor. Junior Infants Room – Ms McPhllips’s room.

Toys – 1st Floor. Senior Infants Room – Ms Daniel’s room.

Photo Booth – Ground Floor. Ms Smyth’s room.

Face Painting – Ground Floor. Ms Smyth’s room.

Books – Ground Floor. Mr O’Flaherty’s room.

Bric A Brac – Ground Floor. Mr O’Flaherty’s room.

Winter Craft Fair

Winter Craft Fair – Saturday 19th November 10am – 1pm

All children, families and friends are welcome to our first Winter Craft Fair in our school. Please come along and have an enjoyable day while supporting our school.

Entrance Fee at Yard Door – 1 euro per person or 2 euro per family. This will also give you a ticket for the raffle. We would ask that you leave buggies and prams downstairs.


Staff Room – arts and craft stall and raffle

2nd Class (Mr O’Flaherty’s room) – Books and Bric a Brac stalls

1st Class ( Ms Smyth’s room) – face painting 3 euro. Photo booth 5 euro.


Junior Infs (Ms McPhillips room) – children’s art and craft stalls

Senior Infs (Ms Daniel’s room) – toy stall. 1 euro upwards

Ms Macken’s room – Santa’s Grotto and photograph 5 euro (please remember to hand in your child’s present beforehand. Please wrap this and write on your child’s name and class. (Maximum 5 euro value)

Y Pod (building in the school yard)

Cakes and tea and coffee stalls. 1 euro for drink and a biscuit. 2 euro for a drink and a piece of cake.

Fun games e.g. Guess the teddy’s birthday – 50c, Guess the sweets in the jar.

Water Into Wine stall – 3 euro (fun activity!)

Price List For Children’s Crafts

Large tiles – 8 euro

Baubles – 3 euros

Large tile and a bauble – 10 euro

Small tile – 4 euro

Masks – 5 euro

Tree decoration – 2 euro

Salt dough decorations – 2 euro

Decorated photo frames – 4 euro

Junior Infants – Small tile and a bauble – 7 euro

Senior Infants – Picture and a bauble and a small title – 10 euro

1st Class – frame and small tile and decoration – 9 euro

2nd class – frame and small tile – 7 euro

3rd class – large tile and frame – 10 euro

4th/5th – large tile and a bauble – 10 euro

6th – masks and a large tile – 12 euro