Winter Snow Globe Competition

St. Enda’s Primary School ran a Winter Snow Globe Competition this month. All of the children and their parents were invited to participate. Have a look at the winners and their designs from our Snow Globe Competition this year! We also have all of the wonderful Snow Globe designs displayed around our school and on the windows for the children and parents to see.


Congratulations Isaac

We, at St. Enda’s Primary School, would like to extend a warm and heartfelt congratulations to Isaac, from 2nd Class. Isaac entered a writing competition with a publisher known as Emu Ink, in March. His wonderful poem ‘Waiting’ was published in their Covid-19 edition ‘Home Stories’.
This is the first time that a St. Enda’s pupil has been published in such a long time and, for this reason, we are so incredibly impressed with him!!
We hope that Isaac continues his writing and, indeed, that other children are inspired to write poetry, stories or articles to emulate Isaac, with this fabulous achievement.
Well done, Isaac. We’re so proud of you.